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Monday, July 28, 2014
Shimon Peres: The Journey from Poland to the Presidential House
Memories from Peres' childhood in Poland, his teenage years in Ben Shemen,
happy family pictures, encounters with singers and actors, and unforgettable
moments throughout his political and diplomatic career are on display. In
order to mark Shimon Peres leaving the Presidential House, we gathered
images from the life of Israel's number one citizen.Jul 24, 2014, 05:45PM |
Dana Nasi
In order to mark Israeli President Shimon Peres finishing his career at age
90, we gathered special photos of the major events in the life of Israel's
ninth president.
With the help of the Shimon Peres archive and the archives of the country,
we gathered images beginning in Poland in the previous century to his
teenage years in the Ben Shemen Youth Village to his marriage to Sonia Peres
and his entrance to the Israeli Presidency, as well as other unforgettable
moments throughout his diplomatic and political career.
Peres, who at age 28 became one of the most important leaders in the
country, served in a number of prominent government positions and as a
Knesset member for 48 years, under three different political parties and ten
different prime ministers. He also was Prime Minister for two and a half
years, for two different terms, and in 2007, succeeded to win the confidence
of the Knesset and became Israel's President.
Seven years since becoming Israel's President, Peres emphasized
strengthening Israeli society and the connections between different types of
people. During his presidency, he did 752 tours and partook in meeting with
Israeli citizens from Metula to Eilat, during which he met thousands of
students in dozens of schools.
As President, it was possible for every Israeli to meet firsthand with the
president, including by him hosting holdings and conducting fundraising
events for various organizations. During his time as president, the number
of Israelis who visited Peres reached a peak of a half of million citizens.
As a direct result of his openness, Peres won over the confidence of 81
percent of the Israeli public during his time as president.
President Peres became one of the most prominent leaders on social media
sites, which worked to advance the State of Israel in the world, in youtube,
on facebook, twitter, Instagram, and even on the Chinese Weibo. The now
former Israeli President encouraged and developed the use of social media
within Israel.



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