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The Prime Minister of Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke this afternoon with UN Secretary
General Ban Ki-moon.
Prime Minister Netanyahu said, "The Security Council Presidential Statement
relates to the needs of a murderous terrorist organization that is attacking
Israeli civilians and does not address Israel's security needs, including
the demilitarization of the Gaza Strip according to the principle laid down
in the interim agreements with the Palestinians. The statement does not
refer to attacks on Israeli civilians, or to the fact that Hamas has turned
the residents of Gaza into human shields and uses UN facilities to attack
Israeli civilians. Israel accepted three UN proposals for humanitarian
truces, and Hamas violated them all. Even now they are continuing to fire at
Israeli civilians. Israel will continue to deal with the terrorist tunnels,
and this is only the first step in the demilitarization. Instead of the
funds of the international community serving the construction of terrorist
tunnels for perpetrating large-scale attacks against Israeli civilians, the
international community needs to act toward the demilitarization of Gaza."

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