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AMIA authorities criticize Iran deal, urge gov't to 'double international complaints'
Thomas Saieg, the vice president of AMIA Jewish community centre, the target of a terrorist attack which left 85 people killed back in 1994, today demanded “a new trial as soon as possible to know what happened.”
Speaking at the 20th anniversary memorial today Saieg urged the government “to double the international complaints” for the guilty be judged in Argentina. He furthermore criticized the Memorandum of Understanding agreed with Iran to investigate the attack saying it was “unconstitutional” and asked for the annulment of the law which ratified the agreement.
He urged Federal Judge Rodolfo Canicoba Corral to “actively search for the Iranian suspects” and that the arrest warrants are not a mere formality.
"After 20 years we know more about the international connection than about the local one,” he added. “We will not allow our cause to be used in any political or electoral dispute,” he stressed.
The 20th anniversary memorial was taking place this morning at the Jewish community centre's headquarters in Once nehighbourhood and began with the sounding of a siren to remember the fatal victims.
Three other events will also take place today. The Memoria Activa group will be holding an event at 9.30 on the corner of Lavalle and Tucumán, while the 18J group hosts theirs at Plaza de Mayo.
APEMIA will be holding an afternoon event in front of Congress, where human rights activists will join APEMIA head Laura Ginsberg in calling for a truth commission similar to the CONADEP which investigated human rights abuse during the dictatorship.


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