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Dear Salito, July,18 2014
Thank you for signing TIP's petition to support Israel's right to protect her citizens.
Right now, Israel is fighting on two fronts - on the southern front with
Gaza, and the media front to make sure its message gets heard. At TIP, we're
helping Israel fight this media war - and millions of people have been
reached by TIP's astounding success on Facebook.
Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, our content has been
shared more than 100,000 times allowing us to reach more than 18 million
TIP's social media efforts are a crucial shield against the flood of
anti-Israel bias and outright hate that the other side pushes in newspapers,
television, and Facebook and Twitter. With your help, we can make sure even
more people understand Israel's dire situation.
Click here to SHARE TIP's graphic on Facebook and forward this petition to
help make sure your social network supports Israel's right to protect her
Our hearts and minds are with the IDF and Israel's civilians as they brave
this conflict. Thank you for all you're doing to help.
The Israel Project

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