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Shalom Silvia

It seems like so long ago that we visited your city and had your tour guide show us so many wonderful places. 

We have just come home today, March 26th and need to decompress...remembering all of the many places we have been since March 8th on our cruise in South America. 

However, we shall certainly remember where we began our journey...in your lovely city of Buenos Aires.

We do want to thank both you for making the arrangements and the tour guide for his expertise in sharing both the Jewish community and the secular part of your city. He was both very knowledgeable and personable. It made our visit that much more informative. We learned a great deal and would be more than happy to recommend your service.

Thank you again and to all of you, a "zinsen Pesach"

Elliot and Eileen S

Steve and Nancy C

Philadelphia, PA, USA

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