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Dear Salito:  

Danna and I are back in cold, snowy New York, but wanted to thank you again for giving us such a wonderful tour of Jewish Buenos Aires -- truly a highlight of our trip.  Your knowledge of Argentine and Jewish Argentine history, in particular, put the evolution of the Jewish community's development in a meaningful context, and helped us appreciate some of the difficulties the community has faced over the years.   And that context was greatly enhanced by the stories of your own family's experience coming from Ukraine to Buenos Aires.  You were a delightful guide and conversationalist, not to mention skilled driver -- it could not have been easy crossing Avenida 9 de Julio without the benefit of traffic lights during one of last week's power outages.  The tour seemed to fly by.  We truly appreciated the detailed tour of the Once, and will have to come back to walk with you through Villa Crespo.  Also, our thanks to your colleagues at Jewish Tours for helping us make the arrangements for our tour so quickly and easily.  Muchas gracias and Feliz Ano Nuevo! -- 

Danna and Jeff 

Los Angeles, CA USA

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