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Last Monday we came back to Switzerland from our phantastic trip through Argentina and Chile. We had a great time, although it was not always easy to travel: bad roads in the area of Salta or going up to ca. 4‘500 meters when crossing the Andes, etc.

First of all let me thank you once again for your excellent Jewish Tour of Buenos Aires, which was one of the Highlights of our trip. Everybody enjoyed the places we visited and the way you created the tour together with your personal stories. It was a pleasure to listen to you and to get an insight in the Jewish history of Argentina and Buenos Aires.

The general City Tour on Saturday afternoon was unfortunately not so interesting, also the visit of the MALBA-Museum didn’t meet our expectations. It is not your fault, since we asked you to include that visit. I think, it would have been more interesting to stay in one or two suburbs like Palermo Soho and enjoy local life.

Anyhow thanks a lot once again for your very professional work and the one of Jewish Tours Argentina. We will recommend your excellent services to other friends who plan to go to Argentina.         

All the best for 2009 and Shalom from the whole group,

Arthur P.

Zurich, Switzerland

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