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I just returned to Ajijic, Mexico from our Antarctica trip late on Friday Feb 1 and Gertrude and Martin will not be back in Canada until the end of this week as they are presently in Rio de Janeiro for Mardi Gras.  Antarctica was amazing and for me was one magnificent grand experience of the huge nature of our planet with all its many spectacular facets.

Our day with you in Jewish Buenos Aires was most informative and enjoyable.  Your community has certainly had more than its share of pain in recent years and it opened my eyes even further as to just how precious our Jewish existence is.  We have become accepting of the violence against Jews in Europe and the Middle East because it has not been an unusual occurrence, but seeing it in the western hemisphere on such a large scale was most sobering and painful.  However it was also encouraging to me to see how Jews in Argentina have rebounded from the terrorism they faced and are continuing to make Jewish lives for themselves, but in a much more aware and protective environment.  You have much to be proud of in your vibrant Jewish institutions.  Our day with you underlined just how much we Jews cannot take a peaceful life for granted and how we need to be constantly aware of the forces around us.  Your knowledge and love of your community was transmitted to me with warmth and good humor which we so appreciated, and for this I thank you.

Who knows when or if our paths will cross again, but seeing Buenos Aires through your eyes made our day with you so informative and enjoyable.
In the note I just sent you, I forgot to give you permission to use my words on your web site.  Please feel free to share my thoughts.  I can’t speak for Gertrude and Martin


Judy P.
Calgary AB Canada

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