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Dear Silvia and Salito: 

There are no words to thank you for your excellent, professional and punctual service. Salito: You are a walking encyclopedia, and we can tell you love your country, and you do your job with love and dedication. And thanks for pleasing each member of the family (Boca Junior, shopping, Sultani, the Alvear Hotel, my errand at Sucath David, etc...). In Bariloche we didn't stop talking nice things about you (mainly when we compared you with the guides that attended us over there). We didn't call you when we got back because we arrived very late at night to the hotel, and we had a very difficult flight with thunderstorms, but with our tehillim at hand and G-d's help we arrived safely. But, you were absolutely right about Bariloche. Spectacular !!! Words can't describe those views. We just landed in Panama a few hours ago, and if I wasn't so tired I would become more inspired, because truly, your attention was first class (from answering all my e-mails before the trip to reserving us tickets for Casa Tango. Thanks; we really enjoyed it). Good luck in your job, and if you feel like visiting us in Panama, we are at your complete disposition. We are very grateful. 

Alberto, Orly & Family 


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