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We arrived back in London today after a fascinating visit to Argentina . 

We had many amazing experiences as we had no idea that there were so many contrasting places to visit in Patagonia .  

Thank you very much for our tours in Buenos Aires .  

The general tour was very good indeed as you selected the places in Buenos Aires that were of the most interest to us and looking back on the day, it is difficult to believe that we covered so much in such a relatively short time. What made it so interesting were your knowledgeable explanations and the historical detail you gave us. This was so much better than getting on & off a tour bus with 40 other people. I especially enjoyed the visits to La Boca, and the incredible Recoleta Cemetery and we were glad to have been accompanied there, with you to show us the most interesting tombs in a short time, instead of wandering around on our own, not knowing what we were looking at. 

Regarding the Jewish tour, it was only through your arrangements that we were able to visit AMIA which we found very moving as well as interesting, and the beautiful synagogue in Once. I was grateful to you for researching into the location of my uncles’ graves and thank you for your efforts. It meant a lot to me to stand where they are at rest, as my late mother was very fond of her brothers. My only regret is that no trace was found of my late grandparents. Thank you also for notifying us about the Kristallnacht memorial concert & getting us tickets. We were glad of the opportunity to attend, and we thoroughly enjoyed the event despite the unseasonably cold weather that evening.  

Chanukah sameach & best wishes, 

Colin & Hazel G London, UK

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