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We just returned from our trip last night and upon unpacking, found our pin from the Amia Centre. It reminded us of the wonderful morning we spent with our guide, touring Jewish Buenos Aires.  Our guide was most welcoming and informative about Jewish life in Buenos Aires and Argentina.  Because we are so involved in our own Jewish community, in both lay and professional capacities, the bombings of the Israeli Consulate and the Amia building in Buenos Aires hit us hard at the time, and once again when we visited the sites. We were very moved by the visit to the rebuilt Amia building and by the work that is done there. We enjoyed our walk through the old area and our visit to the extraordinary synagogue. After having toured much of the rest of the city in the previous two days, this was a fitting way to end our stay in your beautiful city. We only wished that we had had more time to visit with more members of the community. Thank you for organizing a wonderful tour.  We will certainly recommend your company to anyone visiting Buenos Aires who wishes to know more about its Jewish community. You may use our words in your materials.

Thank you, and l'hitraot,
Eva and Jacob

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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